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As a blogger you have the chance to get a new audience – the casual reader. Mainstream web users don´t really read blogs, but from now on a new Facebook app called Blog Networks aims to change that. This app has the ability to build a virtual community around your blog and will appeal casual readers by providing them an easy-to-use blog directory and a simplified feed reader.

How it works

Facebook apps are easy to use/install – for you it´s really no challenge to sign up and use the service. After adding the app, you can claim your blog by uploading an HTML file or via friends authentication – your friends will verify your ownership. As a blog author, you have a page set up just for your blog which you can invite people to join much in the same way that you would invite your friends to join any app. The page features a Wall for your blog and a “Selected Content” section which you can customize to show some of your best posts

Invite people/friends to join

After this process, you´ve to inform your friends and invite them to join. While in beta testing, the Blog Networks app will only be pulling your feed and your popularity data if you have 15 readers (for the feed) or 20 readers (for the popularity data). Based on how you tagged your blog upon sign-up, you’ll also see a list of “Related Blogs” on this page, too.

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