iPhone Review

Delivery Process

The courier service guaranteed the delivery on Friday. Delivering time was set up between 10-12 a.m. – at 11.50 p.m. a smart and funny courier delivered the new iPhone. First of all, I was amazed by this time but at the end I felt glad. Direct Express complied their promise, good job at the end.

Unboxing & Activation

Unboxing took 2 minutes. Turning on the MacBookPro also. After unboxing and connecting iPhone via USB the iTunes-Store needed my new mobile number for registration. Hell. I was checking my data from T-Mobile, the SIM-card they send to me etc… No number. T-Mobile required some time for the new contract & number – it took about 3-4 hours for verification – within the line. If you´ll get the new iPhone, please wait until the service provider activates your mobile. Along the activation process I was setting up my WiFi and tested some apps, prepared my mail accounts etc.

First impressions

The iPhone is stunning. After some minutes the intuitional GUI convinced me – you need only minutes to understand the system and to cope with your iPhone. You´ll find so many things and functions which will support your usage & workflow …incredible. My first impressions are extremly positive. Since years I´m working with Apple products but the iPhone beats all my further experiences.

5 Applications you shouldn´t miss

The iPhone is delivering several expedient applications innately. If you want to tune your iPhone, you shouldn´t miss following applications.

Remote [free]
Category: Entertainment
Remote is a software application for iPhone hat allows you to control audio and video playback in your iTunes library and on Apple TV. It works with your Wi-Fi network, shows all your songs, playlists and album art on your iPhone vie Wi-FI you can control anywhere in and around your home.

Things [$ 9,99]
Category: Productivity
Things is the right answer for things getting done. With things you can manage your daily live, projects etc., its easy to use and has powerful features.

Facebook [free]
Category: Social Networking
This application makes it easy to stay (Facebook) connected and share information with friends via iPhone. The chat isn´t working at the moment…

Mobile Flickr [$ 2,99]
Category: Photography
Mobile Flickr lets you Browse and Upload to Flickr. You can use many regular features except messaging function.

Bloomberg Terminal [free]
Category: Finance
Perhaps some of you knows the Bloomberg terminals – this small app brings the power of the most trusted source for financial information right to your iPhone, along with tools to help you analyze the world´s markets and more.


If you need nice Wallpaper for your iPhone, visit Poolga.


1. If you are using Internet via 3G, Wi-Fi and also GPS beside for 3-4 hours, have your supercharger close to you, otherwise you´ll be offline with your iPhone.
2. After using the flight modus, the internet connection won´t work – you have to restart your iPhone and everything will work again!
3. Set up your mail accounts in an indirect way, that means connect manually. Automatic connection every 15 minutes will breakdown your iPhone´s battery rapidly.

Comments, own reviews, product recommendations and hints according to your new iPhone are welcome!


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