I felt like a little boy on christmas eve when Steve Jobs announced the new iPhone3G some weeks ago. As a heavy mobile user i waited exactly one year for the new version – iPhone 2G was not the right answer for my needs.

The last year was quite hard for me, hanging out with my old Nokia e61 including a horrible service provider. But know it´s getting real – iPhone3G will arrive in two weeks with a monster (data) contract. I also will get a new mobilenumber and provide this over plaxo/pownce to all my contacts.


  1. Ich besitze noch das originale iPhone. Die Frage ist, ob ich auch mit diesem den MobileMe Service uneingeschränkt nutzen kann. Geht wahrscheinlich nur mit der Firmware Version 2.0
    Habe gesehen, dass der Service 79 Euro im Jahr kosten soll.

  2. Hi Mathias, MobileMe should work with iPhone2G. After installing iPhone 2.0 Software update. Check out this description:

    Pricing is almost ok. Especially the family package sounds interesting including one individual account plus four Family Member accounts…