Open source web analytics

Most of you might know Google´s amazing web-analytics tool called Google Analytics. Google Analytics makes it eays to improve your user results online. If you use it in the right way and understand what the hole bunch of data shows, you can improve better ads, strenghten your online marketing initiatives and create higher-converting websites. Yap, you also see your site-traffic stats.

Looks fine, right?

One big disadvantage of Google Analytics is, that the hole app is hosted on Google´s server. That means, Google is getting all your traffic stats, too.

What does that mean?

You ain´t the “King of the Data” anymore. All your statistics going direct into Google´s databases and will be used for global benchmarks and so on. Privacy protection is not in your hands anymore = no dice. Some of your users or customers will not accept this situation.

How to change it?

Because of this privacy situation we started an internal web-analytics project and developed an own analytics tool, which can shake hands with Google Analytics. The complexity of this project was tremendous – our best computer scientists where involved. We invested approximately three months for completion.The software is working stable, customers feeling fine and we implemented a great privacy protection. But forget this. Its quite a long run to completion and it is only realizable with cool guys investing some free time and looking beyond one’s own nose.


For sure. Piwik is a new open source (GPL license) web analytics software. It gives interesting reports on your website visitors, popular pages, search engine matches .


1. Built inside plugins: User can add new features and remove the ones you don’t need. If you are a developer, you can easily build your own plugins!

2. You own your data. Piwik being installed on your own server, the data is stored in your own database and you can get all the statistics using open APIs (publishing the data in many formats: xml, json, php, csv)

3. Fully customizable user interface. You can drag and drop the widgets you want to display, create the reports you want etc.


4. Many settings comparable with Google Analytics

Give Piwik a try!


  1. matt sagt:

    Hi there, we at piwik are happy to help companies getting things done with Piwik. If you want to build plugins that you would release to the community, we can definitely help you and put you on the right track, if you need it :)

  2. Anil Pathak sagt:

    I haven’t tested it, i doubt the location data like visitors by city is impossible for self installed software. For companies using third party solutions like volusion shopping carts its hard to use own analytic system. Ends up with addition of another set of hosting, ip and ssl for new domain/subdomain.

    I am looking forward to use it for live web monitoring.

    I might give a shot on my non ssl pages as well with server hosted locally.

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  4. What do you mean Piwik can “shake hands with Google Analytics”? Is it not independent of Google?