Yosemite Extreme Panoramic Imaging Project

The Yosemite Extreme Panoramic Imaging Project began in summer 2007 as a discussion between xRez Studio and Greg Stock, staff Geologist of Yosemite National Park, about constructing a comprehensive, large scale gigapixel image of the valley walls in high detail.

The image would become a tool for Stock´s work in researching rockfall in the park, an ongoing hazard with the large percentage of vertical faces present in the valley. By using gigapixel imagery as an aid in re-photography, the project hopes to create a snapshot in time of present-day geologic conditions, in order to assist future analysis of rockfall acitivity.

Further, the image would create a valuable asset for the search and rescue operations within the park, allwing detailed inspection of a given area ahead of the rescue operation. Artistically, by capturing the full extent of the valley´s magnificent walls in unprecedented and extreme detail, a unique and historic image will be created that should stand for decades as a an artifact of lasting cultural heritage for the both the park and it´s many visitors and enthusiasts.

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