Webdesign Highlights – April 2010

In den letzten Monaten hat sich das Web kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt – sowohl in technischer als auch in ästhetischer Hinsicht. Neue Standards, Tools und Techniken (CSS3, HTML, Font-Embedding etc.) erlauben ungeahnte Möglichkeiten. Täglich entdecke ich Webseiten und Geschäftsideen, die technisch exzellent umgesetzt sind und durch eine hervorragende Ästhetik überzeugen.  Diese digitalen Fundstücke möchte ich euch von nun an jeden Monat vorstellen – begrenzt auf höchstens 10 Beispiele. Bitte hinterlasst auch eure eigenen Favoriten in den Kommentaren!

Aussie BBQ Legends

BBQ Legends – the ultimate barbeque website for all Australians (& mankind)! BBQ, BBQ’s, barbeques, barbecues, barbies – it doesn’t matter how you say it or spell it, well all love the same thing! Yep, grilling meats and seafood on a hot plate or grill. God bless it.

Aussie BBQ Legends

» http://www.aussiebbqlegends.com/

Vegas Uncork´d

Vegas Uncork’d, presented by Bon Appétit, is the world’s most innovative culinary festival held in one of the most dynamic and important culinary destinations in the world.

Vegas Uncorked

» http://vegasuncorked.com/

They make Apps

Because it’s easier for Indiana Jones to recover the Sankara Stones than for someone with an idea for an App to find a decent iPhone developer.  Because we wanted to finally have something to reply to all those emails from friends and clients asking recommendations for a good outpost that could bring to life their iPhone app. We decided to create the first Yellow Pages for iPhone and Mobile Developers for hire.

They Make Apps

» http://theymakeapps.com/

Yaron Schoen

Yaron Schoen is an experienced designer, art director and digital artist living in Manhattan, New York. He´s specialized in many different fields of design but his primary focus is Web & Application Design. He has been in the industry for around 11 years now, and has been employed by companies such as AOL and Fi.

Yaron Schoen

» http://yaronschoen.com/

Mark Boulton Design

Mark Boulton Design is a design studio working with organisations big and small. We have an obsession with simplicity and a knack of fusing user experience design with traditional design practice. We make smart, simple stuff; beautifully.

Mark Boulton Design

» http://www.markboultondesign.com

48HR Magazine

Welcome to 48 Hour Magazine, a raucous experiment in using new tools to erase media’s old limits. As the name suggests, we’re going to write, photograph, illustrate, design, edit, and ship a magazine in two days.

48HR Magazine

» http://www.48hrmag.com/

MICA – Maryland Institute College of Art

MICA has become the leader in the education of artists and designers by fostering a community of talented, creative individuals committed to redefining the boundaries of art and design and to expanding their own vision and perspective through rigorous study.


» http://www.mica.edu/


Forrst is part community, part microblog made especially for designers and developers like you. Share interesting links, clever code, and inspiring screenshots with your peers.


» http://forrst.com/


Dribbble is show and tell for designers, developers and other creatives. Share sneak peeks of your work as “shots” — small screenshots of the designs and applications you’re working on.


» http://dribbble.com


We want to bring the web community together by encouraging people to show the ultimate sign of creative respect – letting someone else design on your website. Whether it’s a blog post, banner image, or even a tiny footer doodad, we’ll be inviting creatives to pair up for a Design Swap.

Design Swap

» http://design-swap.com/


  1. […] weiterentwickelt – sowohl in technischer als auch in ästhetischer Hinsicht. Wie im April beschrieben, möchte ich euch meine persönlichen Highlights monatlich vorstellen – begrenzt […]

  2. […] weiterentwickelt – sowohl in technischer als auch in ästhetischer Hinsicht. Wie schon im April & Mai möchte ich euch monatlich meine persönlichen Highlights vorstellen – begrenzt auf 10 […]