WordPress RSS Problems

Last night i invested some time to bugfix my RSS-Feeds. Torsten informed me, that my RSS-Feed doesn´t work anymore. I told him, i´ll fix this problem in some minutes. Pipe dream.

After WordPress set up I converted my permalinks structure in WP-Admin to “Day and Name”. WordPress automatically compiles an empty …/feed/ folder and redirects. The feed was out of order because of missing validated RSS-XML. FeedBurner also couldn´t find the original feed (http://www.chrishartmann.com/blog/feed/) and the redirect function was out of order, too. 404 all the time. Bad karma.

How to fix the problem:

1. Check out your FeedBurner account and burn your feed first
2. Download the Permalink Redirect WordPress Plugin developed by Scott Yang
3. Install the plugin in your …/wp-content/plugins/ folder
4. Activate the plugin in WP-Admin – set up “FeedBurner Redirect: http://feeds.feedburner.com/yourname/ in my case http://feeds.feedburner.com/chrishartmann/
5. Delete the empty …/feed/ folder on your server – in my case I deleted http://www.chrishartmann.com/blog/feed/ >> http://www.chrishartmann.com/blog/
6. Done. Your feed should work without any problems the plugin redirects your original feed again to your FeedBurner feed address (http://feeds.feedburner.com/yourname/)

Thats it!


  1. Isaac sagt:

    Thanks, but it dont work for me :-(

  2. Isaac, your complete blog is down…